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Myrtle Beach ListingsMyrtle Beach Listings alerts can keep you in the know!

Are you thinking about selling your home? Would you like the inside scoop on what is happening in your neighborhood?  You can get the heads up on what homes are being listed, what is the asking price, what benefits do they have that maybe you don’t and what do you have that would attract buyers to your home in place of your neighbors.  You can be in the know.

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Yes, you can be in the know! Sign up today and you will receive an email once a day of all the new listings. Even if your neighbors don’t want a sign in their front yard – you will be in the know.  Sign up for your Myrtle Beach Listings today!

Are you an investor that needs to be in the forefront of Myrtle Beach Listings?  Imagine getting an email once a day that keeps you informed of new listings coming onto the market. New laws are forcing banks to release their foreclosure inventory. You can get the jump on the good buys -

Get Myrtle Beach Listings

Do you have our home listed with another agent and wonder why it is not selling?  Sign up today for our daily Myrtle Beach Listings email to see what other homes are selling in your price range.  Are there areas that your home is different than the ones listed?  Make sure your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent knows about these key features which could help you sell our home.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agents are here to assist you whether you are an investor, a first time home buyer or are trying to avoid foreclosure.  Our top priority is to work with our clients to achieve the highest level of success.

Call the JP Myrtle Beach Real Estate Experts and get the Myrtle Beach Listings to stay in the know!

Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts
604 N. 27th Ave Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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