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When Buying Property
Buyers - We work in your best interest! In fact, we wouldn’t want it any other way. Why? We want you to count on us for all of your future real estate needs. We believe in finding the best values on the market and quickly locating properties that you’ll actually want to see! Whether you’re preparing to buy a home or an investment property, you should always consider the following things:
  • Hire a reputable real estate professional
  • Shop for mortgages & get prequalified for a loan
  • Visit a variety of properties and listings & choose your favorites!
  • Think about future resale value
  • Be realistic! Determine your needs
  • Make an offer & arrange for inspections

Close the deal & take pride and ownership in your new property!

Myrtle Beach offers some of the most affordable oceanfront real estate in the country!
Myrtle Beach is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the USA. The relaxed coastal lifestyle, golfing, and broad entertainment contribute to the popularity of Myrtle Beach.

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Smart Vacation Home Buying

  • Make sure it’s affordable!
  • Does it offer convenient access?
  • Is there an active vacation rental market?
  • Is there plenty of entertainment?
The Good Life… If you’ve ever dreamed of purchasing a second home as an investment or vacation property, it can become a reality. The key to successful investing is to do your research! Begin by searching for affordable properties with necessary amenities. The Myrtle Beach area is a popular destination and people of all ages are looking for places to get away and play!

Buying on a Budget

If the thought of a second mortgage is a little scary, remember, vacation properties can be assets! You can rent them to others when not in use. Consider using a property management company if you’d like to avoid the task of renting and/or keeping up with the property. Rental income can be a “bonus” when purchasing vacation properties. Most buyers are looking to leverage their money, gain tax advantages, and own management free investments. Vacationers look for rental properties that offer the convenience of being close to attractions, shopping, and dining. Location is often more important than the size or age of a property.

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I have a second property – what should I do with it?

The first step is to make it “livable”. Make repairs if needed, and furnish your property. Furnishing a second home is different than furnishing a primary residence. Since you won’t be there as much, consider sticking to affordable basics, some rental furnishings need frequent replacement. The main things vacationers look for include: sleeping areas, ample seating, and television. Rental clients will often accept a less perfect rental if it’s in a good location and fits their budget. Top vacation choices are places close to the beach that offer great views and livable amenities.Long term – Returns on your investments

In most cases, vacation homes can last you well into retirement, or, they can be used as a potential source of income in the case of an emergency.

Final Thoughts…

When purchasing a second home or vacation property, keep your transactions simple and do your research. You can often buy older properties in need of repairs for a reasonable price, or, you can buy newer properties in perfect condition.

Whatever you decide, the key is to hire a reputable realtor that works in your best interest, you’ll be rewarded with timely information and guidance on the best investments! Contact Us today!

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