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When Selling Property

Sellers – We are the lead marketing force in Myrtle Beach! Our number one goal is to move your property. We aren’t interested in simply “taking your listing” we intend to sell it – quickly. Whether you’re selling your home or an investment property, remember to complete the following:
  • Make sure you have ‘curb appeal’ & Clean, clean, clean!
  • Perform minor maintenance on anything that needs fixing & check for safety hazards
  • De-clutter! Make your rooms, closets, pantries and storage areas look spacious
  • Consider staging (temporary professional decorating assistance)
  • Reduce occupants when showing your listing & Corral your pets!
  • Relax a little & Give prospective buyers some space
  • Don’t try to sell anything more than your property
  • Listen to your agent
Establish your selling goals-Determine current market value – Set buyer incentives – Optimize your listing – Prepare contracts – Negotiate offer(s) – Coordinate closing – Enjoy your sale!
Selling a home or vacation property involves several things, which is why having an experienced team on your side makes the most of your selling experience.
When you should sell…When your current property no longer meets your needs, then it’s probably time to make a move. Base your decisions on solid goals such as: new careers, better schools, growing communities, or making room for addition(s) to the family. Sometimes it’s best to wait a while and carefully consider your reasons for moving beforemaking an “impulse” decision that you can’t undo.

Separate Yourself

The goal in any real estate sales transaction is to have potential buyers envision your property as their home. Before listing your house/property on the market; depersonalize, remove clutter (i/e boxes & extra furnishings) and spruce up your curb appeal. Leave room for potential buyers to visualize themselves living in your former home.

How soon do you have to sell?

Predetermine the lowest offer you’re willing to accept. Set realistic goals and leave room for flexibility! If a situation requires you to sell your home quickly, obtaining the highest price probably won’t be your first priority. While it’s still possible to obtain the highest price, in order to do so, you’ll need to take appropriate actions to get your property in order. If you’re running extremely short on time, be prepared to entertain and/or accept a lower price in exchange for a faster closing.

Buy first or sell first?The question is simple, can you afford to carry two mortgages? If so, how much – for how long? You never want to place yourself in a position where you could lose BOTH homes if you can’t carry both loans. If you can afford a brief overlap, remember to space your closings accordingly so you’re not trapped in a situation with literally no place to go!

Evaluate your budget and explore your options

If you’ve found a home and have yet to sell your existing property, consider the use of a contingency contract based on the sale of your existing home. Contingency contracts enable you to withdraw from a transaction should your current property remain unsold. If you’re counting on income from a sale to finance your new home, you may have difficulty meeting financial obligations if your existing property fails to close.

Sale away…

Should you close on your existing home having not found another, you’ll have greater negotiating power with proceeds from the sale. You can always rent, stay with family, or consider extended stay suites until you’ve found a new place to call home!

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