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Is it possible to sell your home in an extremely competitive market? The Real Estate Agents at JP Real Estate Experts say “Yes!”  However, you as the home seller must be willing to take action and help your realtor attract the right buyer.  You have probably noticed “for sale” signs springing up all over the Myrtle Beach area and it is not simply a matter of hiring a realtor who simply puts a sign in the front yard, enters your information in the multiple listing services and then sits and waits for a buyer to find you.

Today is a buyer’s market and it is essential that you as the seller be more aware of the actions that need to take place prior to putting your home on the market.  In some cases it may be the wiser choice to keep your home off the market until your home is prepared for sale.  There is an old saying that says “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”  A potential buyer may not come back after you have added that fresh coat of paint.  So the question is, “How do you prepare your home for a competitive market?”  Here are some pointers for local Myrtle Beach Realtors that list the essential steps to list your home and get it noticed and sold.

The Right Myrtle Beach Realtors

You don’t want to rush into choosing the first realtor you meet or use a Myrtle Beach Realtors just because they are a friend or you know them from a networking group.  The market is too competitive to make the mistake of hiring the wrong Myrtle Beach Realtors.  Take the time to interview more than one agent in order to select the agent that best fits your circumstances.  You will want to begin with some basic questions (click here to download a form that will give you some ideas.)  A few of the things you should find out are:

  • Do they have a marketing system?
  • Are they listed on the internet?
  • Can they provide you with a list of references?
  • Most important – how will they communicate with you during the process?

You are looking for Myrtle Beach Realtors that truly understand the marketplace in your area. You want a Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent that is not concerned with simply appeasing you by listing your home at a price that will not sell but is interested in working with you to get to a fair price.  An agent that understands what it takes to sell your house in today’s market.  In other words, you want a straight-talking Myrtle Beach Realtors that will be fair and honest but with whom you can also build rapport and communicates with you.  If you have this in an agent, you have the key to success.

Repairing Your Home Before Listing With Myrtle Beach Realtors

Now is the time to really take a look at your home and prepare it for sale.  You may want to hire a home inspector to do a “pre-inspection” of your house.  This inspection will help to identify any problems or defects that will show up later when the final inspection is completed before going to closing and possibly delaying or canceling the closing.  You want a potential buyer to come back more than once to view your home.  By addressing any defects and having them corrected, you are increasing the chances of a “second look.”  As an added bonus to prospective buyers, you can leave a copy of the pre-inspection report out while they are viewing the house and it can also be added to the multiple listing services.  This gives buyers peace of mind knowing there are no unseen defects.  Be sure and let our Myrtle Beach Realtors know that you had a pre-inspection and give them a copy of the report.

Remember the little things.  It’s not just about whether or not the air conditioning works or if there are cracks in the foundation.  A potential buyer will notice a broken light switch, doors that squeak, a toilet that runs. This may seem trivial, but these are things that through up a red flag to the buyer that indicates a deeper problem.  You will want to hire a handyman to go through your home and fix any defects.  Your Myrtle Beach Realtors will also make recommendations on things you can do to make your home more appealing.

Check Curb Appeal

Take a good look at your landscaping, entry way and outside lighting. These are all keys to selling your home in a buyer’s market.  You would be surprised at the impact something as simple as your front door has on someone who is seeing your home for the first time. You may think this is trivial but in todays market the buyer rules. It is amazing the impact of a few flowers and a fresh coat of paint on your door can have.

Your goal is to have the buyer come back for another look because they were welcomed by the first impression your home made on them.  This can make the difference between Myrtle Beach Realtors “For Sale” Sign and a “Sold” Sign in your front yard.  Myrtle Beach Realtors will post pictures of our home in several areas on the internet, added to flyers and printed in real estate publications.  Simple things like trimmed shrubbery, a neat entrance and potted plants can make the difference to a buyer browsing the internet.  A photo is not forgiving and will show up the flaws in your curb appeal.  You can’t cover-up peeling paint or dead shrubs with a great description.

Staging Your Home Before Listing With Myrtle Beach Realtors

I know that you are emotionally attached to the many photos that are scattered throughout your home but you need to look at our home from a buyer’s point of view. You may love your colorfully painted walls but not everyone cares for a multi-colored house.  You may have your kids rooms perfectly decorated in their favorite animated character, but not everyone has kids.  Think about investing in a neutral tone paint to cover up the multiple colors. A recent study by HGTV showed that painting your home has a 300% return on your investment.

You may also need to consider rearranging furniture and getting rid of or storing unnecessary pieces of furniture to give the room a more open feeling.  Pack away knick-knacks, personal photos and kid’s creations. You may consider hiring a professional stager to help you clear the clutter. Your Myrtle Beach Realtors can give you a recommendation.  These experts are specially trained in seeing your home through the eyes of a buyer.  This will help you to take yourself and your attachment to your décor out of the equation.

In today’s buyers market that is saturated with home inventory it is important that you as a seller take a proactive approach to selling your home. Once your home is ready for sale, contact two or three Myrtle Beach Realtors and sit down for an interview.  If you have taken the time to prepare your home for sale, the agent can market your home in a way that guarantees success.

Our Myrtle Beach Realtors are here to serve you the home seller.  We will be honest with you and make sure the lines of communication are always open.  Here is what one of our clients has to say:

“We had our condo previously listed for over a year with another agent. Jerry had our condo sold in 35 days! Wow what an incredible job!”  Tien, North Carolina

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Your Myrtle Beach Realtors

Myrtle Beach Real EstateBecause the Myrtle Beach real estate industry is continuously and rapidly changing, no set of tips and guidelines will ever work the same and have the same effect in two or three consecutive years. Interest rates and home values will continue to have an unstable rise and low pattern, which can be difficult to predict.

Even though nothing seems to be certain, don’t think that the real estate industry is slowing down or laying low. It can be a good time to buy and invest in real estate, depending primarily on how you play your role.

Here are some of the best practices when buying Myrtle Beach real estate properties.

  • The best time to buy is not always when interest rates and prices are low.

Contrary to what most homebuyers believe, the best time to buy a home is when you are ready, particularly with your finances and needs. Even if you found a home that suits your needs but doesn’t meet with your allotted funds, you will not be able to enjoy your new home and you will probably end up selling it after a couple of months. Make sure you buy only when you are ready. You have sufficient amount of funds to guide you which type of real estate property to purchase. And you have organized and prioritized your needs so you can determine whether or not you can live peacefully in the house you are looking to buy.

  • Buying a home has emotional implications.

Compared with other types of investment, a Myrtle Beach real estate investment has more implications. It is the type of investment that you would probably have for the long haul. For some individuals, it serves as an important turning point in their lives so you need to spend as much time as you need in finding the right home to buy, finalizing the contract, and conversing with the seller and lender to discuss and agree about some important aspects of the purchase.

  • Ignore real estate news

You have access to all types of real estate news from your nightly news show, from your newspaper, and even from social media and the internet. You can easily get distracted by these news sources and the numbers and statistics they provide you with. Do not think about and focus on the return of your investment yet. It will come to that in no time if you keep your head on the game. Put your goals and needs first to ensure you buy the right house and that you receive the ROI.

  • Focus on your local community

If you want to get real estate news, inquire from related local organizations near the neighborhood. Also keep an eye on the local economy and housing markets to have more detailed information regarding real estate investing in Myrtle Beach.

Work only with Myrtle Beach real estate professionals to ensure successful real estate investing.

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selling a home5 Renovations You Should NOT Do Before Selling A Home

Most homeowners believe that doing renovations before selling a home will help increase its value. So if they have the money, they will plan and implement some home renovation projects thinking they will get the money they spent back – and more – after they have sold the house.

There are renovation projects that are important. These are not for the purpose of increasing the value of the home. They are completed to ensure the home is in the best condition when sold. On the other hand, not all home renovation projects are necessary.

Below is a list of renovations that you shouldn’t do before selling a home as it does nothing to increase the sale value.

  • Adding a swimming pool – Although a swimming pool is indeed an attractive addition to any house, it will not make buyers come running to you to buy your house. Keep in mind that many buyers are not buying a house just to spend a lot of time maintaining a swimming pool. This is especially not a good idea if you are targeting families with young children. They will definitely not consider buying your house when they see the newly built pool because it is a safety hazard for their young children and pets.
  • Converting a room – Now this is not such a bad idea, especially if you have lots of rooms in the house that are not being used. Instead of having several guest rooms that are eating dust, convert that guest room into a different type of room. You can consider turning it into a library or an office or a wine cellar. This becomes a bad idea if you start embedding bookshelves and refrigerators on the walls and completely customizing the room to fit the specific purpose you want it to serve. This is a risk and may actually decrease your chances of selling a home because not all potential buyers will like that room conversion. And seeing how much you customized the room, they will realize it will be difficult for them to convert it back to a bed room.
  • Laying down carpet – According to professional industries, homebuyers today are more inclined to buy houses that have hardwood flooring. The primary reason for this is because hardwood flooring is much easier to clean and more suitable for families with members who have allergies.

Think about the renovation project you want to implement before you sell your home. Keep in mind that not all renovations are necessary and will increase the value of your home. In fact, some renovations may actually cause you to lose money and buyers.

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Selling A HomeThe First Step In Selling A Home: De-Clutter

Many individuals think that selling at home is as easy as listing the home for sale and waiting for a potential buyer to call and inquire about the house. There are lots of things involved other than listing the property. And, like with all things that are being sold, a home should be shiny and sparkly to attract more potential buyers.

This is why many real estate professionals consider decluttering as the first step in selling a home. Here are some tips to help you achieve a shiny and sparkly finish for your home.

Look for places where clutter easily collects

Where does clutter easily accumulate? You’ll notice that through time, clutter can accumulate on your shelves, drawers, counter tops, and closets. Although few buyers look at these areas when they view a home, some still do so it helps if you go through your drawers, shelves, counter tops and closets and declutter them. Remove the things that shouldn’t be placed there. Get rid of those you would no longer be using. Organize what should stay in your drawers and shelves. Make them look presentable, neat, and clean.

Don’t forget the kitchen

Some say the kitchen is a good place to start decluttering. This is probably because this is one area of a house where buyers often look inside cabinets and drawers. So you really need to ensure potential buyers will see how much space is available in your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

To do this, you will have to remove everything on your kitchen counter, cabinets, and drawers. Sort out through all your things and divide them into things that you will still be using, things you’ll use later, and things you no longer need. Organize the things that you will be using while in the process of selling a home on your kitchen counter, cabinets, and drawers. Make sure potential buyers will be able to see through the available space in these storage areas.

Store the things that you will be using later in a box and put that in the garage or your storage room. For the things that you no longer need, you can opt to donate them to charity.

The key to decluttering your kitchen is to show as much empty space as possible to allow the potential buyers to imagine whether or not their stuff will fit into your kitchen. They must see that there are plentiful storage areas in your kitchen for all their supplies, tools, and appliances.

You can create open spaces by getting rid of all the junk in your junk drawer and turning it into a useful space for kitchen tools. You can opt to show potential buyers how you use and organize your kitchen storage areas by organizing and cleaning these areas.

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Five Key Areas To Keep A Close Eye On When Buying A Home

Myrtle Beach Buying a homeBuying a home is indeed a truly exciting milestone in an individual’s life. It marks independence and signifies becoming more responsible in life. This is most especially true if you were able to buy your dream home.

To ensure the process goes through successfully, here are five key areas you need to keep a close eye on when buying a home.

  • The deed

You need to make sure every detail in the deed is correct and current. It should match the previous deeds particularly in specifying property lines and property owners, if you are buying a portion of a bigger property. For best results, search local records from the county and parish where the property you are buying is located. You need to confirm these details and resolve any discrepancies between previous and current records before the closing date.

  • The Roof

Roof repairs and renovations are considered the most important and critical home repairs. The primary reason for this is because when a roof is damaged or when it’s due for a replacement, you cannot postpone it. You need to proceed with roof repairs and/or replacement when they are due to prevent more severe and more costly problems.

With that said, it will do you good to inspect the roof before sealing the deal. What you’re looking for when inspecting the roof are water stains and any signs of mold growth. Another thing you need to look at with regard to the roof is the overall condition of the roof depending on when it was last replaced. This will help you determine whether or not it is practical for you to make the purchase because who would consider buying a home with a roof that isn’t efficient? Plus, you most probably wouldn’t have money left for further repairs and replacement after paying the closing fees. So you need to include roof repairs and/or replacement in the sale agreement and work out a resolution that is fair and reasonable to both you and the seller.

  • The plumbing system

Like the roof, you would also need to inspect the plumbing system. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the main sections of the plumbing system so you won’t have to schedule a visit from the local plumber for assistance when experiencing problems in the kitchen sink or bathroom drain.

You also want to have the pipes inspected to determine whether or not they are in good working condition. If not, include their repair or replacement as part of your terms in the sale agreement. It would be best if you could convince the seller to have the pipes repaired or resolved before turning the property over to you. If not, you can always offer a lower price for the house, explaining you already deducted the costs for the plumbing repairs. Be sure you are ready with a valid estimate from the local plumber when making a counter offer.

  • The wiring and electrical system

The wiring and electrical system is considered a major safety factor for the house, the entire property, and your family’s safety as well. Check if all the switch and outlets work. Make sure all lighting fixtures are in proper working conditions and that there are no signs of malfunction. Have all the wiring inspected to ensure they meet current standards.

  • The home’s foundation

Make sure the home’s foundation is showing zero signs of buckling and unevenness. This is most especially true if you are buying an older house that has not yet undergone any major renovation. Keep in mind that a poor or weak foundation will quickly affect the support and beams of your home, making the house highly vulnerable to collapsing even at the slightest sign of wear and tear.

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Selling a home

What types of repairs are done before selling a home?

Selling a home is truly a difficult process. If you are a homeowner considering selling your home, you need to be prepared to spend money, especially on repairs, renovations, and possibly improvements as well. In fact, according to recent reports, handyman services and home-improvement projects increase in the six-month period that a home is offered for sale. Among these repairs and improvements are improvements to flooring, fences, doors, and cabinets, particularly those that will be easily noticed by prospective buyers.

Some of the most common repairs that homebuyers implement before selling a home include:

  • Minor repairs by handyman services – including upgrading fixtures throughout the house.
  • Larger improvements by general contractors – like installing granite countertops
  • Electrical upgrades and repairs

Despite the repairs and improvements by the sellers, buyers also do their own share of improvements such as replacing a water heater, updating the plumbing system, and performing sewer repairs. Generally, these repairs are more directed towards improving the home’s efficiency while repairs done before selling a home are more for the goal of improving the appearance and value of the home.

Many reports have proven that repairs and improvements, even the most minor and least expensive, help increase the likelihood of selling a house that has been listed on the market for a number of months and/or years. What’s more is that the home’s value has greatly increased as well from the first time it was listed and after the repairs were made.

Some of the inexpensive repairs you can consider
If you want to sell your home quickly and for more money, consider these cheap repairs:

  • Make the kitchen look clean and modern by upgrading the faucets, cabinet doors, and lighting. Keep in mind that the kitchen is considered by many as the heart of a home. This is proven by the majority of buyers who check the kitchen first before any other part of the home.
  • Give the bathroom a makeover by installing a new toilet seat and a pedestal sink. You can also add little trinkets to add splashes of color and make the room more comfortable. Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is what most homeowners check out when they first view a home for sale.
  • Increase your storage space and make it more organized to further attract potential buyers. There are lots of affordable closet systems and organizers made of wire and laminate that you can easily install in your closets.
  • Have your carpet cleaned especially the ones you use in the living room. A clean carpet makes the house look cleaner and you don’t even have to buy a new carpet. All you have to do is hire professional carpet cleaning services, which is really not that expensive.

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Selling A Home5 Renovations You Must Do Before Selling A Home

When selling a home, sellers do everything to increase the home’s value. And that includes renovations and home improvement projects. Despite this, Myrtle Beach real estate agents say not all renovations are necessary. In fact, some of them only cause sellers to spend money, which, naturally, they will want to earn back by increasing the selling price.

If you want to do renovations to help in selling a home faster – and possibly in a higher price – there are only 5 renovations you must do, according real estate professionals.

  • Give your kitchen a face lift

For most professionals, the kitchen is considered the heart of a home. This is why when asked about necessary renovations, improving the kitchen is their top answer. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and time on the renovations, you can easily change the way your kitchen looks by adding more steel and granite. Use more stainless steel appliances and tools. Replace your countertops with granite. These will make your kitchen look more modern and sophisticated, thereby, effectively increasing the value of your home.

  • A clean bathroom should not be enough

Aside from cleaning the bathroom and making it shinier, you can effectively revamp it by adding more proper lighting and allowing natural light to freely flow through the room. You can also opt to re-glaze the tub rather than buy a new one. In doing so, you save money as the re-glazing process costs less than a new tub but gives the same shiny and glossy look.

  • Make the house more environment-friendly

In order for you to gain an edge over your competition, consider making the house more environment-friendly. You can achieve this without spending a lot of money by adding storm doors and ceiling fans. Additionally, you’ll want to make your windows bigger as this helps in ventilation and lighting in a room. Selling a home is indeed a lengthy process, but if you prove that you are selling a “green” home, buyers will be looking for you and not the other way around.

  • If you don’t have a sprinkler, it’s time you install one

Some homeowners don’t have the time for maintaining a blossoming garden. They focus more on other aspects of their responsibilities as homeowners. But of course, if you have a beautiful garden that will be sold along with the rest of the house, you’ll want to ensure that they will be taken care of. To help both the garden and the next homeowners, you can install a sprinkler system that will automatically shower your lawn with water.

  • Go high-tech

Aside from looking for a home without a lot of cleaning responsibilities, maintenance, and other tasks, buyers also look for homes that are built with today’s high technology. To make sure your home meets the cut, consider installing built-in speakers in every room and use surround speakers in the living room and in your entertainment room.

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Buying A HomeDo You Really Need A Real Estate Agent When Buying A Home?

The process of buying a home, for some people, may seem difficult and stressful. This is most especially true for first time homebuyers particularly those who have limited knowledge on the real estate industry as well as the various transactions and processes involved.

Some would prefer to do it on their own and resist the assistance of a real estate agent. Others, however, look for a real estate professional first before doing anything else. For these individuals, finding the most suitable real estate agent is the first step toward a successful buying process.

Benefits of working with a real estate agent when buying a home

There are many benefits of hiring a real estate agent. Primarily, a real estate agent will make the buying process easier and less stressful as he or she will do everything from obtaining the necessary information, looking for potential houses, and negotiating with the seller. Of course, you as the buyer will still spend time to analyze the agent’s proposal and seller’s condition and make the final decision based on you and your agent’s analysis.

Another aspect of the buying process where you’ll benefit from the services of a real estate agent is in the house hunting. Looking for the appropriate home to buy can be a lengthy and tiring process. Knowing where you want to buy makes the task easier but you will still have to look at other important information about a neighborhood before choosing where to buy. Obtaining these pieces of information and statistics can sometimes be difficult especially if these are not readily available within a neighborhood.

Your real estate agent, however, should have the necessary connections and be able to make some calls to get the necessary information you need much more quickly. There are also some real estate agents who are prepared with all the necessary details about certain neighborhoods that you are considering. All you have to do is tell them what you are specifically looking for in a neighborhood and in a house – how many rooms you want, how much floor space are you looking for, etc. – and the agent will be able to provide you with all the necessary details about potential houses that may like to buy.

When you have chosen the house that you want to buy, your real estate agent can help you get the best deal on the house. He or she can assist you in making a sound offer that is reasonable and fair to both you and the seller. You will learn a lot from your real estate agent with regard to buying a home and making an offer. Most importantly, you can get some useful tips to ensure the seller will not be able to resist your offer.

After making the offer and presenting the seller with your proposal, you are left with lots of time as you wait for the seller to consider the proposal. Of course, you wouldn’t want to wait for a long time so have your real estate agent do all the necessary follow-ups with the seller. The agent’s service to you will not be completed until the closing day. He or she will continue to work with you until all the necessary documents and contracts have been signed.

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Selling A HomeSelling A Home? Ensure Multiple Offers Quickly And Easily

If you are selling a home, you want to sell it fast, especially if you will be using the money to buy another home in the city where you are moving to. To do this, you need to ensure you get multiple offers on your home.

Getting multiple offers on your home is not as simple as selling it when the local real estate industry is doing well. Even though there may be a lot of buzz in your area’s real estate and lots of potential home buyers are checking out houses in your neighborhood, this doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll get multiple offers.

There are only three things you need to keep in mind to get multiple offers when selling a home: great location, the right price, and an irresistible presentation.

Great location

This is probably the most important aspect of a home that gets a lot of offers. At most times, it is the location that prompts the home buyer to make an offer on the home. It is also often the reason for purchasing a home. They want to be near their place of work or near their children’s schools. For retirees, the key is being near local attractions such as golf or the ocean.

According to real estate professionals, most home buyers look at the location of a home before checking out the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the overall style and size of the house.

This is probably why homes for sale are located far from schools, business centers, freeways, public transit and even those not locate on a busy street, don’t get a lot of activity in the real estate market. These homes will very often be ignored by home buyers. If your house sits in a similar location, you can still get multiple offers on it by having the right price and presenting it to potential home buyers in a way that they can see them selves living comfortably and happily in your house.

The right price

Selling a home quickly and choosing the most appropriate buyer of the house greatly depends on its listing price. As mentioned earlier, if the house is not at a convenient location, you will need to work with your agent to make the right listing price for your home – one that is reasonable for both you and the buyer.

Ensure the listing price complements the home’s value. Keep in mind that a cheap and affordable house doesn’t guarantee getting a lot of offers. There is no specific price that can be considered right for the home’s value, the seller, and the buyer.

The only rule is to make your listing price attractive to entice home buyers to come and check out your house and determine whether or not it’ll be a smart buy. If you want to decrease the listing price to attract more buyers, make sure it won’t degrade the home’s value.

An Irresistible Presentation

If your potential home buyers are still left undecided after seeing the listing price and the location, having them tour the house will probably make their decision, especially if the house has not only been cleaned up but presented in a way that will make it difficult for the buyers not to see themselves living in your home, drinking coffee on the patio or lounging around the living area.

If a potential home buyer comes to your house and feels they own the house and sees themselves and their family living in the house, then you probably have won their interests. They might be making their offer in the next couple of hours.

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Myrtle Beach Real Estate AgentHire A Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent To Get Your Home Fast

When you are not too concerned about buying a new home or selling your current home, working with a Myrtle Beach real estate agent doesn’t like a good idea. In fact, it would seem as an added expense to the process for some. On the other hand, if you’re selling your current home and buying a new home at the same time, you might want to rethink hiring a real estate agent.

Below are the five important steps of the simultaneous buying and selling process where you’ll need the help of a Myrtle Beach real estate agent.

  • Prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, and financially.

Home buying and home selling can be stressful when done individually. If you’re going through them at the same time, you will need help. Each process has its own share of stress, pressure, and difficulties. Facing these on your own will take a toll on your health and mental state, which makes you unfit to make sound decisions with regards to buying and selling a home.

Working with a real estate agent is like having a room to breathe in and recollect your thoughts and energy. The agent can take care of the inquiries and contacting sellers while you take some time out to re-energize yourself. Plus, if you’re working with an agent who you know and trust, you can allow him or her to make the minor decisions relieving you of further thinking and decision making.

  • Talk about the selling process first with your Myrtle Beach real estate agent.

Before taking time to look for houses that you want to buy, you will need to discuss the selling process first with your realty agent. It is highly suggested that you do this very early to ensure you have a reliable outlook of the selling market.

You can opt to browse the internet for information on marketability and value of your current home and discuss the information with your agent. He or she will help you understand better the true value of your home, enabling you to sell it in a fair and reasonable price.

  • Work with the agent in learning the buying market.

As soon as you have organized the details of selling your current home, it’s time to work on the details of the buying process. You will have to determine your needs and share this with your agent so he or she knows what types of homes you need or want. Aside from the type of home, it is also important for you to understand the market where you are looking to buy, in order to make sound and irresistible offers.

  • Organize your finances and mortgage options.

Use the market value and information you have for selling your current home and buying a new home in organizing your finances and mortgage options with your realty agent. It’s important that you prove yourself financially stable to gain the trust of your buyer, seller, and mortgage lender – if you are considering getting a new mortgage for the house that you want to buy.

A real estate agent can represent you to discuss available mortgage options with a lender while you work out the details of the mortgage on the house that you are selling.

  • Make a marketing plan

Now that you’ve made all the necessary preparations, you can move on to making a marketing plan for the selling of your current home and buying a new home. There are many factors to consider when making your plan. These primarily include the changes in the real estate market which can be competitive or slow.

Working with a real estate agent will help you gain better understanding of the current state of the market and which direction it will take; thus, allowing you to make better decisions. Planning ahead and making contingency plans with your realty agent will make the simultaneous process of buying and selling a home easier, faster, and more efficient.

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Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agents4 Tips To Finding a Great Myrtle Beach Real Estate Agent

If you are considering buying or selling a home, the first step you need to accomplish is to look for Myrtle Beach real estate agent. Considering the continuously increasing number of real estate agents, the search for that one agent to bring you to success could be a hit or miss. In fact, according to experts, finding a real estate professional to work with and who will understand your needs and demands is a critical element of the real estate process.

To ensure your search for the best Myrtle Beach real estate agents will not be a miss, here are some helpful tips:

Identify what your specific needs are.

Before you start calling real estate agents to schedule for an interview, you need to identify first your specific needs in this real estate transaction. What do you really need? Keep in mind that a buyer’s agent works differently from a seller’s agent. If you are selling your home, it is not advisable for you to go for a buyer’s agent, even if the agent is the best choice among all other agents available.

Get to know the different titles of Myrtle Beach real estate agents.

You need to learn about the different titles of real estate professionals. This will help you gain a better understanding of their area of expertise without having to speak to them. As a result, you will be able to schedule a meeting with the professionals that you really need for your real estate transaction.

Here are some of the basic real estate titles that you might encounter.

  • Real estate agent – a professional who has a real estate license in the state where he or she operates
  • Realtor – an agent who is authorized to use the Realtor name and logo because he or she is a member of the National Association of Realtors
  • Real estate broker – someone who has completed training in real estate law and ethics; has the license to arrange buying and selling of properties

Ask for referrals

The best method to find the right agent is to ask for referrals. Turn to your friends, colleagues, and family to ask for the names of the any Myrtle Beach real estate agents who they have worked with in the past. In doing so, you will also be able to receive feedback on how each agent works. You don’t have to ask the agent for references. You get a glimpse on how professional they are and decide in an instant if that agent is someone you think you can work with.

Getting referrals is even more important if you are moving to a new city or town. You probably don’t know a lot of people in the area and you likely have little idea on the current status of the real estate industry in the area. This is why you will need a real estate agent to help you land the best deal.

Get out in the field

Another way to find the best agent is to go out there in the field and talk to them. Take a drive through the neighborhood where you are looking to buy or sell a house. Note down the names and contact numbers of the agents in the signs that you see along the way. You can also opt to attend open houses to meet and speak with real estate agents.

Bear in mind that the agents who make time to actually go out in the field to meet clients rather than spend time in their offices are better professionals to work with. Their effort and perseverance they show, says something about their work ethics.

Get to know the agent and ask questions

Of course the best way to get to know the agent and determine whether or not he or she is a perfect fit for your needs is to speak with the agent and ask certain questions. Basically, you need to ask about their work, the number of years they have worked in the industry, their licenses, and how many transactions they can close on average in a monthly or yearly basis.

You may also want to ask whether he or she works full time and how many hours would the agent be willing to work with you on your transaction. It is important to find out if the agent has access to the Multiple Listing Service to make the process of looking for homes for sale much quicker.

If you are speaking with a couple of real estate agents, it is highly advised that you speak to them in separate schedules and that you ask the same questions. This will make it easier for you to compare them.

Also, keep in mind that comfort and compatibility play a huge role in a successful partnership. So, you and the agent should both feel comfortable working with each other.

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